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If you'd like to see some of my actually game projects here is the latest one - https://itsjustjord.itch.io/the-entities

Welcome to Suzi's Secret Playhouse Chapter One. You play the role of a child who is left(?) at a soft play area. But something dark lurks inside the play centre. Will you find out what's going on? Will you escape?

THIS IS A SUPER SERIOUS MASCOT HORROR GAME.  (For those that don't understand sarcasm, this game is a joke which was made in less than 28 hours.)

You play as a small child, who has a name but this, like many other things inside the game can be figured out with a little more research and exploring. You find yourself in a strange play centre, where something seems off... where are the other children?

Are the secrets that were told true, have you really found yourself in Suzi's Secret Playhouse? It can't be it was all a joke... right? ….Right? Did anyone ever return to tell the story of Suzi and the Bear? 


Interact - Left Mouse Button

Move - WASD

Run - Shift

Feel free to cover the game on YouTube & Twitch I'd love to see your reactions, thoughts and theories. Use the #suzissecretplayhouse tag so I can hopefully use some reactions to make a trailer. 

[This was a small prototype that was made in under 24 hours. Let me know what you think if it and if you would like more in the future.]

Updated 1 day ago
Published 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsCreepy, First-Person, Horror, mascot-horror, Short, Singleplayer


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It lacks a lot of things, but overall I had fun with it. Keep it up!

Le falta sonido al caminar y musica de fondo para darle ambiente de terror

This game is simply terrible. Making a "sarcastic parody" of puppet horror is no excuse for the lack of entertaining elements. Even the table, wall, and ground collisions don't work properly. You can bug yourself through locked doors, the picture collecting makes no difference on your progress. The quality of this game really corresponds with the amount of time put into making it. 0/10.


that's the point ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Considering that this game was made in less than two days, it's a pretty great game! 

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I found all the secret level pitfalls lol 

Click this if you sniff your finger after scratching 


can't wait for chapter 2

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development will start when I can be bothered and will take 30 hours this time. Please buy the merch XD

Fantastic little indie game, especially having been made in a day.

I enjoyed this.



I made a video on your game (12:55)


Nice short horror game! If you release 2nd chapter, I wish you make the duration gameplay longer. ๐Ÿ˜Š

not bad for a horror game

Not a bad little game made in a day, good work :)

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10/10. this was meant to be a joke game made in under a day and i enjoyed every second of it. the only thing i didnt appreciate of this beautiful game is that when i realized death is the only ending, and i think it can be even more better if you can escape. ItzJustJord u must keep these games coming i need more!11!! OILKASJoilakjpsa;kl,zjdoilaw;sdx

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nice short game!


looks nice

this was a good game for made in less than 28hrs only thing i was upset about was that you cant beat the game but othere than that keep up the good work and i hope you enjoy the gameplay


Great game!


good game i love it 






yo i didnt expect u to reply lol

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To be made in less than 24 hrs is amazing in my opinion. I love when a developer has a since of humor. Keep em coming!


Short but not bad for what it was. Made a video on it.


Why are there people seriously bothering giving negative critisism to this game? The description was clear. Its a sarcastic troll game made in 1 day. Like chill you re not told that you re gonna play the next outlast lmao

hello itsjustJord

Hello :D


Don't download. Seems like a Slenderman like game where you just collect pictures. There isn't a pause to reset the game, you can only alt-f4. There is no below ground collision, no table collision, walls are not full collision. Not even a challenge of a game. 

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it was made in less than 24 hours, but I thank you for the feedback ๐Ÿ‘ I'll add these in the next update. 


This is a troll game made in 1 day sherlock


Fun game! felt trolled by the ending which I enjoyed lol. Curious to see what the next chapters will be like.


Why did the girl freeze at the exit? Dumbass.


Because that's the ending ๐Ÿ‘




I played this as part of my 3 random horror game series i liked the game but i needed more sound effects, thats why when u watch my gameplay you will see that i added sound effects!


love the game thank you :)


nice short spooky


Nice game!


I Like Bad Ending! 


It's not bad but you can make this game even better if you add a bit large map, add more tasks and also at least one ending. 4/5

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Agreed, I was thinking about porting the project over to Unreal when I have the time as for now it was a small test made in under 48 hours, I think in fact I made it in less than 24 0.0 XD Thank you for playing though! :D 



I played a 2nd time as I thought i was slow the first time.

But there is some barrier that just wouldn't let me escape through the door .
So we can only die ???

Hi Caffeinatedgamer


Yeah, death is the only ending! I should maybe change that.